Spin like you mean it

Spinning. You probably either love it or hate it, or think you’ll hate it therefore will never try it! Right?!

So, the first time I did a Spin class, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a health warning that came attached to it – I mean – as if the class wasn’t hard enough, I felt like my under carriage had been violated!! The good news is, is that our saddles are actually pretty comfy, plus you can always bring a gel cover for extra padding if you want.

The other good news is that it’s a frickin’ good workout and you can lose yourself in it, coming out the other side dripping in sweat, buzzing with all of those exercise induced endorphins, and about 400 calories lighter.

To the class itself. There are some die-hard Spin lovers who think that a class should only revolve around moves you would do out on the road. This is total personal preference, but for me (Vix) as an instructor I like to mix things up. Hand weights bring in an upper body element (or you can stick to cycling through if you’d rather). Sometimes the class is based around a HIIT session and isn’t choreographed. Keeping things mixed up means your body doesn’t adapt to a style of exercise that sees your results plateau.

The bottom (*cough*) line is; come and try it. Even if you hated a class from 2015, you might find you actually quite like my classes… And if you prefer a different instructor, we have the beautiful Rachel’s classes on a Tuesday evening at 7pm.