Alright sunshine?!

We ummmed and ahhhed and oooed and errred about getting a sunbed at The Body Barre for a good few months, and it’s turned out to be a total winner.

Smash a class (or two) out, grab a Lavazza coffee, then hop in for a daily dash of Vitamin D to keep that good mood (and tan) going.

The tubes promote a deep developing tan, plus we’re one of the first UK suppliers of the Dark Sun sunbed waxes, creams, and oils – and boy are they good. They contain Hyaluron and Melanin, and as total sunbed lovers we’ve tried out most creams going but these are definitely the most effective in our humble opinion!

We’re keeping things as simple as poss here at The Body Barre; just 50p per minute PAYG or 45p per minute if you’re signed up to our TBB Loyalty Unlimited membership.

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