Kangoo Jumps: Rebounding with a difference

Rebounding is a buzz word at the moment, due to the brilliant effect it has on the body’s lymphatic drainage system. Without that ‘jump’ effect, a whole load of sluggish toxins can sit waiting to be moved onwards and out of your body (ugh).

Kangoo Jumps have been around for a couple decades, having originally been designed for athletes recovering from injuries. They absorb up to 80% of the impact that would normally hit the joints, meaning that if you’ve been told that running, jumping and aerobics are a no-no – you’ll probably find this a welcome solution.

Rebounding on trampolines is great, but you can still do some exercises incorrectly (mainly squats) and end up with more problems BUT with the boots, you have to find your centre of gravity and work with it.

Science stuff over, it’s so much goddamn fun! It’s like an aerobics class, but pimped up! Choreographed to pop and dance music, there’s something for everyone. The routines are simplified, but this doesn’t mean you can expect a low calorie burn – the boots weigh a total of 3kg so you can achieve a calorie burn of between 500-700 calories. And just think of the tone that the boots are creating when you’re doing the floor & core section (butt cheeks will be on fire!!).

We’re the only class you’ll find locally (otherwise you’ll have to head into London), and add to that the UV studio lighting, our Kangoo Jumps class is incomparable to anything else!

Book your boot size (Small = UK 3-5, Medium = UK 6-8. Large = UK 9-11) and bring water and a pair of long sports socks.

Classes back soon. Give us a shout if you are interested and we’ll let you know as soon as they are back on the timetable.  x

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