A whole lot of history : Vix Stamm

I’ve told my story a fair few times, so apologies if you’ve heard it before – but if you haven’t, and you’re new to fitness, it might help in one way or another…

How did I get to opening The Body Barre?

I was the girl who never (had ever) been to a gym, did nothing even remotely fitness related on any kind of basis, and pretty much rolled my eyes if anyone else did.

I also had PND after my first son, George, was born in 2009, although it wasn’t picked up until after the second, Harry, was born in 2011. I was in a pit of despair and dulled it with wine and Marlboro Lights.

My life changing moment was seeing Arg from TOWIE had run the London Marathon. If he could do it, I could surely do it too?

 Long story short, I registered, joined the gym and realised how hard running 1 mile was. But once I was in, I was hooked. I spent every day in the gym, being super shy, and hiding on cardio machines that didn’t intimidate me. I lost weight, felt amazing and then looked at other ways I could challenge myself.

Next came classes – oh my god, the muscle aches and pains. Introducing bodyweight exercises, weights and plyometric moves was like nothing else! But working out in a group exercises atmosphere pushed me harder, and I loved the buzz of being with others.

Recognising people from week to week gave me something I hadn’t had since being in a work environment; as my social life for the previous 3 years involved babies and toddlers, and trips to the supermarket to fill my day. And my body changed again.

After 30 years of eating junk, drinking wine, and having babies – I looked the best I ever had.

Marathon training was still underway; I went from running a 10+ minute mile, to running 8+ minute miles. It was on a long run that I decided, for the first time in my whole life, I knew I wanted to do. Become a Personal Trainer and carve out a career in fitness.

So I trained over 6 months (man, it was hard learning something new for the first time since GCSE’s) and I passed, and then I started running Boot Camps in the pissy freezing cold weather! I also picked up some PT clients (my first client is now my best friend), and life was never the same again.

Fast forward 7 years and I’ve since had a fitness class franchise, which if nothing else, spurred me to seek out a commercial property to hold my own classes. The Bishops Stortford location for The Body Barre was found nearly 3 years ago, and since then I have worked my arse off to get it open (with the help of my husband Luke, and some of the best friends a girl could ask for).

It’s the biggest labour of love, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! This place is a true reflection of me, and I’ll always strive to improve it for every single person who takes the time to walk through the door and see what it’s all about.

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