Mental Wealth; Sometimes I’m Rich, Sometimes I’m Fookin Broke!

I don’t keep my battles with mental health a secret. I’m kinda proud of it in a funny way – without it I wouldn’t have ended up where I am now with The Body Barre (see blog: A WHOLE LOT OF HISTORY). I accept I’ll never be free of it, and that’s okay.

But a blip is no fun, and a couple of weeks ago I took my eye off the ball a bit; ran out of happy pills but carried on anyway in my busy buzz of work and family. Never really a good idea, as along with the sudden stoppage of drugs, I had a heap of substantial, important, everyday life dramas I then had to deal with. Cue the physical symptoms of stress which then stopped me from training and made me feel really poorly, and then in turn the lack of my natural endorphins literally sent me into a zombie who looked like shite and all I could do was sleep at any given opportunity.

FFS. I’m no fun to be around when it hits me, and this was slap bang in the Easter holidays, so my poor boys had to endure me struggling (so then there’s the guilt of feeling like I’m failing them that follows like a vicious circle – gah!). I have to remind myself that it really should be no different to if I had flu…

We got through it though. My medication sorted, plus a week of rest (both mentally and physically), did me the world of good. Exercising again feels amazing and has brought me back to being me.

Vix x


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