Teacher Feature


How long has fitness been your thing:
Since I had my calling in 2012 (see blog: A Whole Lot of History)

Family, fitness, Ibiza, sunshine, skiing, raving

People taking advantage

Best Trait:
You see the real me in classes. And even if I start a class in the worst mood, or feeling like total crap; teaching gives me the biggest buzz and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll come out all hyper and giddy!

Worst trait:
The inability to count your reps (or my own come to think of it). And don’t trust me to have started my stopwatch on timed sets either…

Which class types do you teach at TBB:
Erm, all of them! Luckily I have a brilliant team around me to take their classes as well, each with their own teaching style which keeps things unique and fresh.

Cardio or Strength?
Toughy! I used to just focus on cardio, but have fallen in love with strength, and how it’s changing my body.

Got any goss?
I kissed Harry Styles. Technically it was when I was heavily preggers with my Harry, so not as cougar like as I would prefer to remember it as.

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