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Let’s face it, peachy bottoms are pretty much top of the list when it comes to training goals.

Here’s Vix’s top tips for building your behind…

Squats ain’t all that*. Oh my god, I said it out loud! I love squats; but see a lot of techniques that need either correcting or stripping right back to basics, so chances are you’re not squatting right. Make a few tweeks and you’re all good; but rolling onto your toes or leaning forward rather than lowering your ass down is going to result in a bad back.

*They are, but weighted squats are the game changers, and you defo don’t need to be doing that unless you know your technique is on point.

Let’s work our way through the butt muscles, and I’ll pick out my fave moves to sculpt, build and tone your tush. Aim for 12-15 reps, 3-5 sets depending on time available. Or set a timer and go for 30 seconds on each (increase in 10 sec increments if too easy – those last few reps should feel hard!).

1) Kettle bell swing. Good all rounder. Literally.

You don’t even need to go too low into this dynamic exercise – you’ll get more from the squeeze at the top. Drive your hips forward into it and clench your bum cheeks together (like you’re holding onto a £50 note). Go as heavy as you feel you can manage (6-8kg is a good start if you’re nervous)  – we’re building butts here, plus the weight helps build momentum. Eyes up, squeeze your core, don’t let your shoulders roll forward (draw those shoulder blades together and show what your mama gave ya).


2) Glute Bridge. One of my all time faves. These will lift your bum cheeks higher…

Elevate your feet onto a step and push your hips high, raising yourself onto your shoulders. Squeeze and hold at the top, throw in some pulses, isolate by putting one foot in the air, pulse, switch, pulse!  Add weights to your hips if you’ve got any handy.


3) Donkey kicks. The icing on top.

If you’ve got a squashy pilates ball (or a lightweight kids football), even better. Flip over onto all fours and tuck the ball in the crook of one knee. Squeezing it tight will activate everything before you’ve even done a rep (sweet). Push your foot to the ceiling so that your knee drives up past hip level, and then lower it back down. Make sure you keep your core engaged, and don’t over extend into your lower back. Throw those all important pulses in.


4) Bulgarian Split Squats.

Rest one foot on top of a step, gym bench or plyo box (or sofa, bed etc if at home), the other is a big step forward. As you lower down, make sure that front knee doesn’t push past the line of your toes. You’re aiming for an up/down motion rather than forwards/back. I like to put hands on hips (unless holding weights) as find it helps with a balance and also encourages drawing shoulders back to enable good posture. Drive up through the front heel, and squeeze at the top. Make every rep count, don’t just go through the motion.

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